Jewelry Care

Recommendations for the care of jewelry made from natural stones:

  • After wearing the product, it is recommended to clean it with a dry soft cloth to remove perspiration and grease residues.
  • Protect your jewelry from hairspray, perfume, creams and other cosmetics.
  • To avoid contact with hard objects that can scratch jewelry, each item must be stored separately, in a bag, box or casket.
  • It is not recommended to wear such jewelry during sports activities and when preparing food in the kitchen.
  • It is not recommended to swim with any jewelry in the sea or take a bath.
  • You should not sunbathe in jewelry or use the solarium.
  • Do not use plastic bags for storage, because natural stones are of natural origin and can darken without oxygen.
  • If the jewelry contains parts made of precious metals (Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver Plated, Gold, Gold Filled, Gold Plated), it should be cleaned pointwise, and only with cleansers specially made for this. (With a personal request I can recommend and tell you more about the detergents)

Take care of your jewelry and accessories made from natural stones, and remember that each of them is unique and has no equivalent.