What are the parts of my lamp and what are they called?

  • The Crown covers the hot stone to prevent accidental contact. Various designs are available.
  • The Snuffer-cap covers the catalytic stone. This prevents Fragrance from evaporating when the lamp is not in use. It is also used to cover the hot stone(to turn the Lamp "off").
  • The Retainer is a small metal clip that holds the stone, collar and wick together. You should never remove this clip.
  • The Stone is a special porous ceramic material coated in platinum and other rare metals.
  • The Collar supports the stone and secures the wick in place.
  • The Wick carries fragrance from the body to the stone.
  • The Assembly is a group name for the wick, collar, stone & retainer.
  • The Neck is a metal crimp attached to the Lamp Body which supports the Assembly.
  • The Body is the main part of the Lamp that holds the Fragrance.